We are a Czech consultancy company focused on regional and urban development, project management and financing, particularly from EU funds, and the implementation of European policies on local level. The joint-stock company BeePartner (BP) has been established in 2014 in Trinec (CZ), near Polish and Slovak borders. A BP branch is situated in the capital of Moravian-Silesian region, Ostrava, in a unique Low area of Vitkovice 

There are four BP business units which corresponds to key company activities: Public and Private Projects, Strategies, Marketing and ITThe multidisciplinary BP team consists of recognized experts in diverse sectors e. g. business, innovation, science and research, education, culture, environment, energy or transport. It has 30 plus employees and numerous Czech experts cooperating on part-time basis in specific projects.  

- Common vision -

Our team consists of recognized experts. We are a trustworthy and financially independent company. We establish trends and ensure the quality and reliability of consultancy services. 

- Common mission -

We create and cultivate our team and clients, thoughts and projects, partners and regions. 

- Shared values -

We believe in a dynamic balance of creativity and rules, freedom and responsibility, effectiveness and quality. 

Reasons to cooperate with us

Strategic Perspective


Solution architecture

to grow


In-time information

- Strategic Perspective -

ased on the experience of both sides – the provider’s as well as the beneficiary’s, we propose smart solutions to maximize the effectivness and simultaneously, to avoid discrepancies or corrections.

- Multidisciplinary team -

Our team consists of respected experts in several fields (environment, SME support, research and inovation, education, culture). 

- Solution architecture -

Together with thorough subsidy consultancy, we build up solutions.

- Desire to grow -

We seek for the progress of ourselves, our clients and our surroundings to achieve visible results.

- Related capital -

We cooperate with people responsible for fund management in Prague and Brussels. 

- In-time information -

We may access the information important to take funding advantage and to prepare a project in time.

„Dreaming is a form of planning“


Together with consultancy, BP provides their clients from the public as well as private sectors with communication services, strategy designs, research and innovation services, EU funding identification and development of strategic projects. Since 2014, BP experts have designed hundreds successful ESIF projects. The BP strength is the interconnection of different regional and business development stakeholders reaching a real quadruple helix cooperation. The citizens´ engagement has become an inseparable part of regional and local strategies designed by BeePartner.





& project


& design

& concepts

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& analyses



of project



BeePartner founded FundLab – a creative laboratory of funding and financial service for the public and private sectorand FundInfo watching and informing on funding opportunities from regional, national or EU sources. Application Robee maps all EU funding in Czechia on daily basis. It enables searches according to sectors, programmes, open calls or key words. 

BeePartner also ensures consultant services on EU policies to the Moravian–Silesian Region and the operation of One-stop-shop on EU Programmes mapping and promoting the forthcoming and open calls in Horizon, LIFE, SMP, CERV, CREA, Digital Europe, CEF as well as non-EC programmes such as Visegrad Fund, EEA and Norway Funds, CEI and others. The service is financed by the Moravian-Silesian region for regional entities including project designs of selected strategic projects. 

BP experts are actively involved in the EU Coal Platform, assisting coal regions and cities in transition, eg. Karlovy Vary Region (CZ) through designing START application to receive the technical assistance from the Coal Platform Secretariat, the city of Karvina through comprehensive strategy including technical assistance and many others. BeePartner also cooperates with all Czech coal regions and the Ministry of Regional Development to implement transition strategy in line with European Green Deal objectives. BP participated in the Just Transition Territorial Plan Moravia-Silesia and is a member of the Just Transition Platform Working Group on Steel. 

„None of us is as smart as all of us“

Our references

Take a look at selected reference projects.

BeePartner is a leader or a partner in several international projects, e. g. research project “SMART Technologies for Enhancing Quality of Life in Cities and Regions” – DMS (with the University of Ostrava, Fraunhofer and other partners), led CCUS CZ-NO project financed through EEA and Norway grants to foster carbon capture use and storage among Czech companies or cooperated on international projects such as Urban Innovative Actions´ project design CLAIRO (Clean Air and Climate Adaptation in Ostrava and Other cities) with the City of Ostrava.