We are keen on cultivating our clients, surroundings, even ourselves. We do more than just apply ourselves conscientiously towards processing applications for grants and managing projects. We also use our professional knowledge and experience to impart inspiration and creative solutions to your plans and projects. We take good ideas and make them better, more meaningful, and ensure they not only happen but have a greater chance of success.

Common vision

Our team consists of recognized experts. We are a trustworthy and financially independent company. We establish trends and ensure the quality and reliability of consultancy services.

Common mission

We create and cultivate our team and clients, thoughts and projects, partners and regions.

Shared values

We believe in a dynamic balance of creativity and rules, freedom and responsibility, effectiveness and quality.

to cooperate
with us

Strategic perspective Multi
disciplinary team
to grow
Related capital In-time information

Strategic Perspective

Based on the experience of both sides - the provider's as well as the beneficiary's, we propose smart solutions to maximize the effectivness and simultaneously, to avoid discrepancies or corrections.


Multidisciplinary team

Our team consists of respected experts in several fields (environment, SME support, research and inovation, education, culture)


Solution architecture

Together with thorough subsidy consultancy, we build up solutions


Desire to grow

We seek for the progress of ourselves, our clients and our surroundings to achieve visible results


Related capital

We cooperate with people responsible for fund management in Prague and Brussels


In-time information

We may access the information important to take funding advantage and to prepare a project in time

„Dreaming is a form of planning“

An inspiring and elaborated process
from the initial idea for the project to successfully carrying it out


„None of us is as smart as all of us“



A wide range of our services is required by clients from both the private and commercial sector (see some of them below). We value all cooperation based on mutual trust, respect and relations that adhere to ethical conduct and principles.